Printmeneer is a small 3D printing company dedicated to creating modern cookie cutters from 2012 until the end of 2016.

It all started when Wouter wanted to bake some cookies in 2012. He couldn’t find a shop that sold the cookie cutters the wanted so he started designing and creating them using a 3D printer.

After a couple of friends and colleagues showed their interest in those cookie cutters, Wouter opened a shop on Etsy called Printmeneer offering only one design. In the months after more designs were added and Wouter is still full of ideas for new designs. Contact me for custom requests.


Printmeneer uses several 3D printers that are designed or modified specific for the creation of cookie cutters. Using bio degradable material (PLA) and solar electricity Printmeneer tries to keep everything as environmental friendly as possible.

Printmeneer is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This is where everything was made and designed.

As of 2017 Printmeneer no longer sells cookie cutters.